Steer Clear Of Deer

Folks at Car Craft Chesterfield in Chesterfield, Missouri realize that no one likes to have a close encounter with Bambi while sailing down the highway. Bambi isn’t too keen on the idea either. Unfortunately, accidents will happen.

Accidents involving deer are generally more severe than the majority of vehicle accidents, and unlike many auto body repair jobs, deer collision repair requires substantial structural repair that affects your vehicle’s safety systems. Because of this, it's even more important than usual to look up who you'll use to repair the collision damage caused by a deer.

auto body chesterfield missouri car craft collision repair facility moThe Deer Difference

A lot of the repair work on a deer-related accident is invisible when the car or truck is fixed, so it's difficult to tell if the repair was done right. The only way you will find out if your vehicle’s structure and safety systems were correctly repaired is if you're involved in another collision in the Metro St. Louis area. That is most certainly not how you want to determine the quality of the auto body repair on the car!

The Deer Dilemma

Many car accidents are minor, involving just bumpers or light cosmetic damage. While it is still necessary to use a reputable auto body shop for this type of collision repair, the consequences of a poor repair are generally limited to unpleasant appearance and decreased vehicle value.

Deer-related accidents, however, often require structural or unibody damage, cause airbags to deploy, and call for repair or replacement of several panels. The paint refinishing needed in this sort of collision repair is also more complicated, involving blending the paint on adjacent panels to ensure an invisible repair. Important vehicle systems, like the engine, transmission, cooling, and electrical systems may also be affected.

The Deer Directive

Take time to pick an auto body shop prior to when you have an accident. A little groundwork beforehand can save you plenty of stress and money if your automobile needs collision repair. Search for an auto body shop that has I-CAR and ASE certified technicians and uses up-to-date equipment. Check out the auto body shop’s reputation online too.

If you reside in West County, Chesterfield, Wildwood, Ellisville, or Ballwin, Missouri, Car Craft Chesterfield welcomes you to consider them as the best auto body shop for your next repair. Proper collision repair will protect you and your family’s safety, plus preserve the resale value and appearance of your motor vehicle.