Are You Being Ripped Off On Collision Repair?

The ancient challenges still proves out today: exactly how do I know if my Ellisville, MO auto body repair shop is trying to take advantage of me? It is definitely a substantiated question . Auto body mechanics pull the wool over the eyes of their customers all the time . If you do not know a great deal about auto repair, and you probably do not if you are taking your car to someone else to get it repaired , you might want some help navigating the troubled waters of auto body repair. To help you with this , Car Craft Chesterfield in Chesterfield, Missouri has detailed a few of the biggest lines they hear from less-than-reputable collision repair facilities in the Saint Louis, Missouri area.

collision repair ellisville missouri auto body repair center headlight restoration paintless dent repairThe Saboteur

If you find yourself needing to go back to the auto body shop to get the same thing repaired over and over again, the problem is probably not your vehicle. The majority of the time, the real issue is that the auto body shop you are visiting is either putting in bad parts or they are putting the parts in incorrectly. Often you can find information about problems that are common with your car's make and model by browsing the internet. If you smell a rat, you should probably get another auto body shop.

The Problem Inventor

If the auto mechanic does not know exactly what they are doing, he might attempt something, charge you for it, than attempt something else and bill you for that. Obviously, that is not a great way to do business. On top of that, it is unfair to the customer needing to shell out for all of these unnecessary "repairs." Also, it deserves pointing out that a misdiagnosis can happen to the best of us. Even the auto body mechanics at Car Craft Chesterfield slip up every once in a while. Nevertheless, whenever that happens, your auto body shop ought to be willing to write off or at least discount the misdiagnosed repair. If the mechanic gets it wrong more than once, you are either dealing with an inept mechanic or a willfully deceitful mechanic. In either case, it is time to take your business someplace else.

The Dilemma Dealer

One of the most popular myths of auto body repair is that you have no choices about where to take your automobile for repair. Most commonly, dealers will attempt to tell you that they are the only place you can go. This is simply not true. In truth, the only times when you are required to go to the dealer are for repairs under warranty and for recalls. Anything else is fair game for another auto body shop if that is where you want to go. As a matter of fact, dealers are typically much more pricey than your neighborhood mechanics' shop. Do not assume that dealerships always do a better job either.


Here's the classic. In some cases auto body mechanics are going to merely jack up the price of the repair they intend to do on your automobile. Of course, this may be difficult to detect if you do not know the industry. After all, to those that do not know the business, all auto body repair costs can seem high regardless of how affordable the price is. The question then becomes how to understand when it is taking place. Granted, a couple of the top-of-the-line auto body shops are going to charge a little bit extra for some added amenities. Nevertheless, you should not see differences of more than possibly ten or fifteen percent from one reliable auto body shop to the next. When you have an estimate from your auto body shop of choice, call around to other shops and ask what they would charge for the same work. Obviously, you have to be able to explain the problem to the other shops to make this work. Nevertheless, a reputable auto body repair shop should give a comprehensive explanation with their diagnosis anyway.

The Alarmist

Some auto mechanics like to pressure you into getting your car fixed by telling you that your automobile will explode if you do not get it fixed right this second. Okay, maybe they do not lay it on that strong, but the basic principle proves out nonetheless. Do not let that sort of pressure affect you. Granted, there are some malfunctions which will get worse with time. Nevertheless, you should never be rushed beyond the point of making an informed decision about where you get your vehicle repaired and when to do so. These are frequently the same folks who will try to charge you for extra things that do not need to be fixed.

As auto body mechanics themselves, the individuals at Car Craft Chesterfield wish to point out that not every mechanic in Ellisville, MO and surrounding communities such as West County, Wildwood, Ballwin, and Chesterfield, MO are crooked. In fact, a lot of them are fine upstanding people who just want to make an honest living. Nevertheless, customers should always be on the alert for those auto mechanics who give the rest of them a bad name. If you are uncertain about your mechanic's integrity or you just want to have your automobile repaired, contact Car Craft Chesterfield.