An Auto Body Shop's Take On The Autumn Tune-Up

Fall is well underway here in West County, Wildwood, Ballwin, and Chesterfield, MO, which means a bunch of things. Naturally, I am not simply speaking about cooler weather and pumpkin pie. It also indicates that it is time to make your vehicle ready for the cool months of late fall and winter. You might be thinking that you can wait a while because the weather has not turned hazardously cold yet, but that would be a mistake. To start with, that would be a mistake because it is never too soon to get ready to drive safely so you do not end up needing an auto body shop in Chesterfield, MO. Second, why wait until it is cold outside before you get out there and start servicing your car? Are you among those folks who set up their Christmas lights in October? While that can look really silly, it can make things easier later on whenever other individuals need to climb up ladders and affix lights while their fingers feel like they are falling off. Getting your vehicle prepared for wintertime driving is the exact same thing besides the fact that it does not look goofy in any way.

So, do not hesitate until it is too late. Take these steps to get your vehicle ready to roll on those late autumn cool mornings. These tips are offered by Car Craft Chesterfield in Chesterfield, MO.

Replace and Refill

auto body repair towing estimates headlight restoration hail damage chesterfield missouriThere certainly are particular things in your automobile that will wear and particular fluids which need to be replenished. Undoubtedly, you will want to change the oil on your automobile to prepare for wintertime. While you are doing that, do not neglect to change the oil filter as well. You ought to be replacing the oil filter each time you change the oil. You would also do well to have a look at the air filter too. If that gets too dirty, your automobile will need to work too hard in order to have proper airflow. Luckily, there is an easy way to look for whether your air filter requires replacing. Simply hold it up to a sixty watt lightbulb and see if the light makes it through. If not, it is time for you to obtain a new air filter.

Nothing is so annoying and can send you to a car body shop quicker than fluids which are not filled. Naturally, oil is the big one here. Nevertheless, there are other fluids to think about as well. Take a look at the coolant levels when the engine is cold and refill it to the optimal level with a half and half solution of water and coolant. This will be a wonderful help to you when the weather gets cold. Also, make sure to have a look at the transmission fluid, the brake fluid, the power steering fluid, and the washer fluid. Doing a fast inspection with all of these things is the simplest way to keep your automobile healthy.

Dings and Dents

While you are looking over your automobile, it is the most ideal opportunity to inspect the exterior for any imperfections. The majority of small dents may be easily fixed through paintless dent repair at Car Craft Chesterfield. Larger dents and scrapes that break through the paint are all the more urgent to be fixed. The wetness and saltiness on the roads during winter will snack on your automobile if you do not have those dents and scratches fixed. The very best way to spot those kinds of blemishes is to carefully wash your vehicle and give it a thorough inspection.

While you are assessing your car's exterior, take a look at the lights. Ensure that all of them are operational, from the parking lights and brake lights to the headlights, taillights, and emergency flashers. Inspect your high beams also. Obviously, be sure to fix all the lights which are not working, either by replacing the bulb if that is what is required or by digging into the wiring if necessary. You should also look into the possibility of going to an auto body shop in Chesterfield, MO with headlight restoration capabilities. They can clear up your headlights for a low cost and significantly improve your visibility.

Brakes, Breaks, and Batteries

When the weather gets cold and the weather gets severe, the first line of defense of your automobile is the tires and brakes. If your tires look worn or the wear bars show, get them changed. If your brakes are squealing, get them checked out too. As the weather gets colder and colder, your tire pressure will promptly go down, so have that topped off routinely. If your heater is cracked, that is something to take a look at as well. You need to have a working defroster system to keep safe when driving.

Batteries are something that many people disregard whenever they are prepping their vehicle for winter, However, that would be a big mistake. It is very advisable to have the battery and charging system inspected by an auto body technician. Before you even do that, you might be able to tell if your battery will have to be replaced by searching for corrosion anywhere in the battery system. If the weather is cool, your battery is especially susceptible to going dead.

To close out your autumn tune-up, just have a glance under the hood and just take a look around for anything suspicious. Leaks are a very apparent sign that something needs to be repaired. Likewise, fraying hoses, cracks, or loose clamps will also have to be dealt with. Take a look at the drive belts too and listen closely for any inexplicable engine noises. If you have any issues in this regard, take your car to an auto body shop to get it looked at.

Car Craft Chesterfield has been helping motorists in Chesterfield, MO get ready for the cold months of wintertime for many years. If you require mechanical work, headlight restoration, auto body repair, or any other work on your automobile, think about taking it to their auto body shop.